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    I feel strongly that it is everyone's duty and responsibility to insure our National park lands and Important Native American cultural sites are preserved and Protected to ensure that future generations can enjoy these marvels for many years to come. This being said, I believe we collector's and avocational's have a vital role in the future of understanding our ancient past.
      Collector's and avocational archaeologist gain insight and knowledge about the relics they find, and with the use of a forum like this one here on, we are able to share ideas and compare our observations in a way that is very conducive to understanding a much larger picture.
       It is my belief that the future of collectors and artifact enthusiasts being allowed to continue enjoying their hobby, hinges upon the ability for collectors/avocationals and professional archaeologists to work together. A cooperative effort to educate future generations on the ethics of preserving, documenting and understanding our continents ancient past. Age old barriers between these groups must be broken down and a dialogue must begin between these groups. Hopefully this will create a path towards better understanding of our past and the rolls we all can play in preserving our history.
      I believe the search for knowledge we collector's have embarked upon is a natural curiosity and and instinct embedded in every humans DNA to wonder and speculate about the people who came before us. And it's a shame that collector's are stereotyped as only pot hunters in it for the dollars all because of the irresponsible actions of a few.
    Josh (Ky/Tn collector)