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    Dear forum friends

    Well, it has finally arrived! The forum is now running with a new software platform known as “vBulletin”.

    As any of you who have persevered with a PC that isn’t running properly will know, there comes a point where you can no longer live with the error messages that arise as you demand more and more functionality from your system and try to update it with various system patches, new drivers and such. We reached that same point on our forum with Kunena’s software. Our benefactor John (the owner of the forum) kindly made the money available to address the performance issues, but we have done rather more than simply “upgrade”. There has been a major overhaul and a lot of people have put in a lot of work over a long period of time to make this happen.

    After initial testing, vBulletin was chosen because it provides a quantum leap in terms of sophistication and functionality. In particular, the platform should be much more stable and provide better compatibility with the wide array of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones that many of you are now using. In addition, we have also moved the forum onto a new server, which should also improve its speed.

    Without boring you with the details, you should at least know that this has not been a simple process. The two pieces of software work in very different ways and we have been through several months of testing (a vast amount of) data to ensure that as much of its integrity as possible was preserved. In some cases, an element of compromise has been unavoidable during the transfer from one system to another. We firmly believe that those trade-offs to ultimately get better performance have been worth it.

    If you haven’t already done so, please use the log-in for the new forum to select the “Forgot password or user name?” option, and follow the instructions. You need to refresh your password because it is security encrypted and could not be transferred to the new forum. A temporary log-in password will be sent to your email address to get you into the forum (please also check your "spam" folder in case your email server treats the mail as spam). You can then re-set your password as follows......


    - Go to your profile by clicking on your user-name at the top of the forum.
    - Click on "User Settings".
    - Click on "Account".
    - Enter your temporary password (from the email) as "Current Password".
    - Enter your choice of new password (you can re-use your old password if you wish), and then enter it again in the confirmation box.
    - Remember to click the "Save Changes" button to update your account profile.

    If you had previously set your system to “remember passwords”, you may also need to update that. You should also update any “bookmarks” or “favourites” to the new forum address. Clearing your browser cache and deleting old cookies might not be a bad idea.

    You’re then “good-to-go” on the new forum, and you should find that all your previous posts are where you left them and that you have the same rights to edit them as before. We fully expect there to be a number of minor glitches that will need to be ironed out, and will address them as and when they become apparent. If you could see how many settings there are in the “Control Panel” for the new software, you would readily understand how much complexity there is in ensuring that everything is set how we would wish it.


    Please understand that many things in the new forum work in different ways to how they worked previously, so you should not assume that something which appears not to work is actually a fault. The procedure may have changed. Also, at least for the moment, there is no module installed which provides a “chat” function and the contents of “private messaging” inboxes cannot be transferred. There are however new features such as the ability to create a blog, build picture albums and more.

    At the very bottom of the forum, there is a coloured bar which has a “Help” link. Please take some time to have a look. Probably most of what you need to get you started will be in the section titled “Creating Content”. We’re going to be helping you understand the differences and answering your queries too, but it will be a nightmare for all of us if requests for help are scattered all over the place, tacked on the end of posts and such. The one and only place you should post requests for help is in the section “I Need Help with the Forum!”… and if you post them anywhere else, we will move them (and reply to them in that section)!

    We have also created an area for test posts in the "Got problems or Suggestions?" section. If you need to check out how something works, please use that section for your test posts (which will be deleted periodically, so please don't post anything important in that section):


    There are some things which we were unable to set up until after the new forum had gone live. You may well notice some cosmetic changes in the early days as we re-arrange some of the structure, tidy things up and make it look prettier, but we hope you like the new-look forum and find that it works rather more smoothly than previously.

    Welcome back, and sincere apologies that it has taken this long to rebuild the database. Thank you again for your patience.

    The administrative team.
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    Please be advised.

    When you attempt to reset your login password, if for any reason you do not receive an email from please check your spam folder before contacting us. If you have received no email at all, please contact us at I will need to know the email address you used to register for the site. We will forward your information to our Development Team .
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      This is an old topic and it would only help you if you were a member prior to 8/5/2015 and never logged in until now. If you started a new account after 8/5/2021 you can ignore this topic .
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