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A Note on Thumbnails

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  • A Note on Thumbnails

    The camera icon will upload thumbnails. The clipboard icon will permit full size images.

    If you are using a devise that cannot use the clipboard uploader for full size images, please note:

    Clicking a thumbnail will enlarge it. Double clicking a thumbnail will create a full size image. You will then have to use your back button to return to the thread page.
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    Very helpful information Charlie. The same applies when all you see is an attachment. Click on it to see it full sized.
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      Thank you Charlie and Bruce that is useful information
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        In the case of thumbnails, the initial enlargement will often seem adequate, and can be returned to thumbnail size without having to use the back button. In the case of double clicking the thumbnail, or clicking on an attachment, the photo will actually be super sized, as it will fill your screen. It will actually be larger then the full size produced by the clipboard uploader. Since it fills the screen, use the back button to get back to the thread page.

        If you can't upload full size photos using the clipboard uploader, your photo will still appear as an attachment, as described above.

        The camera icon was not intended to be a method for those who can't upload photos using the clipboard. It's a "workaround" of sorts when it's used that way, but by all means use it for now. Eventually, most devises should be able to use the clipboard. If you can use the clipboard uploader and get full size images, do so. It's the smoothest way by far, no clicking required and you can compose text and photo as you wish. It's the best, don't use the camera icon if you don't have to.
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