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For Information: Old Posts re-appearing

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  • For Information: Old Posts re-appearing

    Guys and gals

    You may notice that an old post occasionally resurfaces on the forum with me credited as the author or last responder.

    I have been merrily correcting picture errors in some older posts (the errors are the result of the posts not properly migrating across from our old forum). Those posts should only come back to the top of the list in that way if I actually make a reply or a comment. Otherwise they should just remain in their original date order after I have made the correction. Despite the fact that I didn't make a reply or a comment, the odd one or two occasionally resurface anyway... for mysterious reasons that I don't understand. Something to do with the way the forum software allocates the dates. Just ignore them... or re-enjoy them if they are of interest. The original poster may no longer be visiting the forum.

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    Thanks Roger. I remember something about that earlier in the year. ...Chuck
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      Thanks for the upkeep Roger and the heads up on why they pop up at times. We all appreciate everything you do.
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        Roger, I have enjoyed seeing and reading each of these old posts that you have rescued.
        Thank you for the maintenance work.
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          Thanks Roger.