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New England ASAA Meeting 12/1/18

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  • New England ASAA Meeting 12/1/18

    Sorry for last minute notice, but if you're in the neighborhood, stop by...

    American Society for Amateur Archaeology—New England Chapter

    SATURDAY, Dec. 1, 2018

    TIME: 12-3 P.M.

    PLACE: South Shore Natural Science Center 48 Jacobs Lane, Norwell, MA.(Please see our website)



    ​​A Man-Mastodon Association in North-Central Ohio"

    ASAA organizer Dr. Richard Michael Gramly will be our guest speaker. Dr. Gramly, who has worked extensively with mastodon remains in recent years will present a synopsis of new and important discoveries and insights about Ohio’s first indubitable man-mastodon site.



    Invite your friends!

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    I don't think I can make it up there this year. :-) Give me two or three years, and i'll finally be able to meet yous guys!
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      Thanks for the Heads-up Charlie. Would love to be there.
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        Me to


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          Well, Dr. Mike Gramly always delivers informative and highly entertaining talks. Terry(TSUMS) was there and offered me $10,000 for my North River, Ma fluted point Too bad I left it at home. Mike's talk was about his latest project, the Cedar Fork Creek site, a man-mastodon association in North-Central Ohio. With a comparison to the Bowser Road site and Hiscock site, both man-mastodon sites in New York. Mike has developed a model to make it easier to find such mastodon sites. The Hiscock site is believed to contain the remains of 40-60 mastodons, and Mike called it the most important man-megafauna site so far known in North America. Mike also argues that for one region in particular, New England, organized predation by human beings caused the extinction of mastodons. It is his belief that Clovis hunters did not depend on mastodon for dietary reasons, but that each band killed one mastodon every 7-9 years, and for ceremonial reasons primarily. People will, and do, differ on these hypothesis, but Mike always presents a well thought out argument.

          I attended with an artifact hunting partner and his wife. We look forward to a talk by Dr. Duncan Caldwell next year, regarding how Henry Thoreau collected many artifacts while living on Walden Pond. He called arrowheads "fossil thoughts".

          I'm not sure who brought this display, or where it was from. But, wow...

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            What is the model that Dr gramly came up with? Has he published it or is it a guarded secret proprietary kinda thing?
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              Originally posted by Broken Arrow View Post
              What is the model that Dr gramly came up with? Has he published it or is it a guarded secret proprietary kinda thing?
              No, it's actually common sense and elementary. Since he handed out copies yesterday of the paper he delivered on Cedar Fork Creek, Ohio, at the last Eastern States Federation meeting, I'm sure he won't mind me sharing the brief section dealing with your question. Basically, it concerns a mastadon's need for a pretty sizable intake of water on a daily basis, and the location of their expected access to water where the ice will be at its thinnest on frozen ponds in Winter.

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                Yeah, that's about as elementary as it gets.

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              I'm disappointed that I was unable to attend the meeting as I had a project at home that needed to be finished. I would have loved to hear Dr Gramly speak, and I would have loved to say "Hi" to you Charlie.


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                Thanks, Alan. I was sorry to see you were not able to make it. It had been quite awhile since I had made it myself. Next time, Alan!

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              Damn i dont know how i missed this post, i live near by. When is the next one?


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                Originally posted by chiefwompatuck View Post
                Damn i dont know how i missed this post, i live near by. When is the next one?
                The next two will be in March and June, 2019. I know in June the talk will be about the collection Henry Thoreau put together while he lived at Walden Pond. I will post a meeting notice well beforehand next time. I posted at the last minute this time, in part, I confess, because I did not realize I would be able to attend myself until last minute.

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