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  • tomclark
    plumshot3.jpg I know what it's like to have to just walk middens and not pick anything up to take home..... Those middens may look like just oyster shells....but they contain every tool the people needed to live. In middens the goodies are here and there, sometimes more in certain areas, in and amongst the piles of refuse shells. I was told many decades ago, by collectors even, that the "shell heaps" were just piles of refuse shells. Au Contraire Mes Amis The more you visit (legal) the more you see and find. Click image for larger version  Name:	shorelinemxlowtide (3).JPG Views:	1 Size:	240.8 KB ID:	393469 Click image for larger version  Name:	max4-09.jpg (3).JPG Views:	2 Size:	103.1 KB ID:	393470
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  • Cecilia
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    Oh dear. Edisto Island favorite beach. Island formed by long blackwater Edisto River, named for Edisto Indians. State owns park w/ 2000 yr old “Spanish” Mound Shell Midden. It’s all oyster shells, and mustn't remove, so closest intimate encounter bad cut yrs ago from shells. But ancient history all around, all thru Island. Many, many fossils, and people do “Edisto Walk”, bent down looking for ubiquitous tiny sharks’ teeth. Most of my shells from inlet long isolated walk, and sand bar called Shell Island. Poo, I like the brokes the best....

  • tomclark
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    they are definitely found on beaches where there are middens along the shore. At midden edges people that look for just plain shells do not recognize the work on them. They don't see it. All they see is a pile of shells.

    Good, I do lol.

  • Cecilia
    OMGosh!! TomClark, when I was six, lived on AF base Mrytle Beach. Went to beach every day with empty red wagon, came home full red wagon. Not only shells, but just-dead-stinky sea things, and lotsa hermit crabs. Base housing authority came by eventually to tell mom had to put all stuff in front yard somewhere else, or take back to beach. I showed out big, and told them was gonna tell my daddy. I may still have a coupla those shells.

    My shells’ number ‘bout same as rocks’, but never occurred to me that shell hammer artifacts exist!
    I imagine if find on beach, and not at ancient campsite, probably not artifact, huh? Geez, I don’t need another obsession.....
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  • Martie124
    That's awesome

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  • Kentucky point
    I sent you a PM.

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  • tomclark
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    I do, too! What is common in one place is rare in another.

  • gregszybala
    Thanks Tom, great idea setting this up. I hope many others join in with interesting items to trade.

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  • tomclark
    Click image for larger version

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  • tomclark
    started a topic Trading Post...

    Trading Post...

    This site is not, and never will be, a place for sales of artifacts or even most discussions about prices.
    We have a lot of members on here from all over the U.S. and abroad. We have a lot of regular involved members, too. I'm sure many of us over time tend to specialize in particular artifacts or particular materials, particular States, Counties etc etc
    I am most interested in shell artifacts from my immediate area though any artifacts from my area are collected.

    I have too much stuff from 35 years of things in my area lolol. I need to winnow down my collection.

    I think it might be nice to trade some items with members on this site who don't have access to shell pieces or are interested in them. No sales.
    I collect personal finds but I would like to trade for maybe historic beads for Brunhilda. I guess shell things, maybe unifacial scrapers...maybe whatever. PM. No cookies.

    One bag of 25 King's Crown Conch (Melongena corona) shell hammers gleaned down to the best 1/2 of them to trade. Click image for larger version

Name:	20190901_143807.jpg
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Name:	20190914_141816.jpg
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ID:	391819 These are from the Manasota Culture 2300 B.P.-A.D. 700 of Tampa Bay. I found every one of them on coastal sites, often middens, with permission.

    Anyone feeling trade for a "kit" with of 4 of these Melongena corona hammers (top 6 pics), 1 Strombus alatus shell hammer (7,8 left) and 1 small Busycon shell hammer 7,8 right)? Three species of shellfish used to make these expedient shell tools that they used to basically bash holes in food shells by putting a stick through one hole behind the columnella and out the other hole.

    These weigh about 1.5# maybe a little more. I pay shipping..looks like somewhere $8-13.
    This is one "kit" and I have maybe 3 more pretty much just like it.

    We do not see any problems with trades amongst members as long as there are no sales. No abuse or impropieties of any kind will be tolerated and threatens all possible future trades. PMs please, not open forum.