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Article about South and Central American fakery

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  • Article about South and Central American fakery

    The artist was caught with artifacts and was arrested . He had his Lawyer bring him clay and tools so he could prove he was not a looter but a fraudster. Pretty good article and lets you know how far fakers will go to make a buck.

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    A clever cheat
    Child of the tides


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      What a mess, goes on every day....
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        SW Connecticut


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          Thanks for posting. It's a good read.

          Been to Veracruz about 20 years ago, I can understand how this could have happened almost 50 years ago. It would have been a fairly remote, seedy port town back then. The surrounding areas must have been rural. However, I'm surprised that the Mexican authorities even cared back then. Glad they did, but still surprised.


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            Interesting,..they didn’t look close enough, Yupp, details, and knowledge.


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              Very good read.
              Thanks for posting


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                It's a really well know history/story, and one that has been repeated dozens of times around the world and in the US. Because of a unique system where high end gallery collectors buy & donate relics to museums (or donate money for a museum to buy a relic) many of his items ended up in significant public collections, and therefore his style of Veracruz relics became the standard for what to look for.

                People who were studying those replicas, learned from looking at his other replicas assuming they were authentic. The replicas matched the pattern they saw, and therefore it confirmed the pattern they saw. It actually lead to likely authentic examples being labeled as replicas because they didn't fit the pattern.

                You still see it from some collectors who buy something with a "bad" paper online, they study the relic (Clovis, birdstone, bannerstone, etc.), buy more, notice the same "good" indicators of authenticity, and eventually train themselves to find replicas.
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