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The Gallatin Tennessee Artifact Show is Cancelled.

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  • The Gallatin Tennessee Artifact Show is Cancelled.

    This was cancelled a while back but Tim sent out a reminder today .

    Dear Volunteer State Archaeological Society Members and Friends,

    This is another reminder that the Gallatin Artifact Show is CANCELED.

    If you have friends who were planning to attend the show this coming Sunday, please reach-out and advise them of the show's cancelation.

    At this time there is no make-up date. If the show is rescheduled for later in the year, we will make sure and let everyone know well in advance.

    Additionally, there have been several inquiries regarding the January 2021 Central States Journal, as many Society Members have not yet received their January issue. I am told that the Journals were delivered from the publisher to the United States Postal Service in early January, so the delay in receiving your January issue is the result of an over-lengthy shipping timeline caused and controlled by the Postal Service itself. I just received my January issue this week, so hopefully all current Society Members who are still waiting for their issue to arrive will receive them in the next few days.

    Thank you and Best Regards.

    Tim Fields
    Secretary/Treasurer - Volunteer State Archaeological Society of Tennessee

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    Thanks Hoss....i did see this in the events section about a month ago or so.....i certainly wouldve attended....i attended last year, it was my first artifact show and it was pretty cool
    Benny / Western Highland Rim / Tennessee


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      Ive gone to that one several times in the last 9 years. I probably would have gone to this one too.
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        So many are getting canceled if there is one that ever actually is open i might drive the distance.
        NW Georgia,