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  • Stolen collection

    This is a shared post my wife showed me. what a shame, I don't know them personally but would like to see them returned to owner.

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    Glad they are up! What a shame though, I'd suggest any dealers in that area should know incase these are showed to them..


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      I wish the pics were better so the individual artifacts could be seen better. Unfortunately, if whoever took them attempts to sell them, they'll probably sell them individually - out of the display cases. Unless, that is, they're not playing with a full deck.


      • p kurt
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        It's a shame the pics aren't better, but if nothing else comes from this it will educate folks on protecting their pieces. It's been a learning curve for me as a country boy where nobody locked nothing to lock things up. My local area is becoming more and more effected by the meth epidemic and crime is getting high , atleast for redneck standards.
        I thought the same thing about the frames being picked apart but thieves aren't always the brightest stars.

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      I am leaving new hapshire going to colorado want to hunt
      Look to the ground for it holds the past!


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        Not stolen bUT found
        Look to the ground for it holds the past!


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          Would love to hear more of this story. A few similar ones that I know of were inside jobs and some were "in the family"...... I've had my house broken into twice and the jerks grabbed crappy stuff like an old digital camera but they missed my coins, knives, cases, bins, boxes, full china cabinet display case all right out in the open. Caseboxes even on the wall. First one was inside job...... second was a crackhead that broke into 4 other houses along with mine. He got 15 years.
          Now most of my stuff is much less visible...say no more.
          Professor Shellman


          • gregszybala
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            So all the crappy stuff is gone and nothing but good stuff remains?
            Where do you live?

            It's in my profile!! LOLOL TC
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          Thieves!😖 They'll get what's coming to them!👹


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            Hope they are checking Craigslist and eBay .