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Stolen in Kansas

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  • Stolen in Kansas

    This blue flint hatchet was stolen from me in southeast Kansas. If anybody sees this one of a kind heart breaker....PLEASE contact me! Thank you very much for your time. Tight Lines Ya'll...

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    Brian that is not a hatchet or any other tool.
    Michigan Yooper
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    • Kentucky point
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      My thoughts exactly, but I thought I'd wait for someone else to say it.


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    Welcome in. Let's see some other pics?!
    Professor Shellman


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      Thanks for your opinion. I think you'd believe differently were you to hold it in your hand and examine it closer, and you'd see the obviously worked edges. Or at the very least have better pictures to look at. Unfortunately i don't have any other pictures to show you of it since it was stolen. So...please. If you come across my "blue rock" please let me know.🙄 Thank you.


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        Still waiting for more pictures. Looks more like a spall to me.
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            Well, there's little doubt that it is lithic material. I agree with Hoss that it looks more like a spall. For sure, IMHO, nobody stole a VALUABLE artifact from you. I mean, it may be as you say, but does not look the part to most of us here. But, you obviously treasured it, so we all hope it can be recovered. Maybe you can figure out a suspect, based on where it has been if you showed in around.
            Rhode Island


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              Originally posted by Ron Kelley View Post
              Brian that is not a hatchet or any other tool.
              You’re wrong mr. I know everything moderator that’s exactly what it is a hatchet. Thank you. Now you know 👍😃


              • clovisoid
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                I'm glad that's been settled. It's officially a hatchet.

              • CMD
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                I have always held out hope, that someday, if I had luck on my side, that I would finally run into the guy who "knew everything"! Is this the day?!

              • Ron Kelley
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                Hey tnvo1423, I have 30 ancient axes. If you would like to see what a real one looks like, I suggest you take a look in our Info Center.