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MOTM for May 2017 pkurt

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    Congrats Kurt! I always enjoy your posts about your hunts and your family. What an attractive bunch! Your MOTM is well deserved!
    Child of the tides


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      You're Post's about The long Walk's and The Great Finds have been Awesome over The Years, Congrats!


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        Thanks josh. I could tell one of them long walk stories about last weekend. I walked a total of ten hours before the sky opened up and gave us a little taste of what you guys got.

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      Well deserved congratulations Kurt. You have some amazing Illinois finds and I know you put the miles on for them. Big congrats on MOTM...
      The chase is better than the catch...


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        Thanks again folks, I appreciate it.


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          Congratulations Kurt I always look forward to your posts. Thank you for being a part of forums. Great family picture.
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            Congrats Kurt.

            Things are really hopping along now.
            We got da best people doing the best job.
            Thanks for bringing your cherts here.

            Hmmmm Kurt's Cherts where have I heard that?

            Jess B.
            It is a "Rock" when it's on the ground.
            It is a "Specimen" when picked up and taken home.

            ​Jessy B.


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              Hey Kurt, Congrats MOTM. I always enjoy reading your posts.
              Michigan Yooper
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                wow cant believe i almost missed this,please forgive me

                Kurt,congrats on a deserving recognition as MOTM.
                love reading all of your posts.

                thats a great looking family you have there.
                some kids to be very proud of too.

                i like you got married quit young and did what it takes to raise my sons and support my family.

                my wife like yours tells me what she thinks of the few i have found and the ones that i make
                its either really nice or its not.but i like that kind of input

                once again congrats on being our latest member of the month,very well deserved


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                  Pretty sure our wives are related. What you described is what mine says spot on...oh that's a nice one....haha. Every time I lug a pitted stone I hear yay more rocks... I took mine to the creek once....she's not going back, Conditions...I get you on that one too. Awesome story and best of luck man.
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