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MOTM for Aug 2017 Metacom

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    Congratulations Mark. I, too, appreciate your contributions to the forum. I've learned much from you guys who collect in the northeast about lithics and types that are not found in my area or are a regional variation to widespread point types. It is an interesting mix of other hobbies you have.


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      Congratulations mark!! Keep up the good hunting and great posts on the forum!


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        Hey, congratulations Mark, and fantastic artwork!
        If both artifact and hunter lie idle, they will not meet.


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          Ok, sorry it took me so long to get back to this, I figure I got a month though, right? Heh...

          I dug up some of my better detecting finds, but again, nothing special here. I also included some more drawings.
          And let me apologize for getting my foot in some of the pictures and being too lazy to crop it out.

          Here's the brooch that a forum member found the other half of.

          Couple Rosies, couple Mercs.

          Here's a silver pendant I found in an old church yard.

          Some buttons.

          I was told this one would have belonged to a member of the New York Militia. I forget the year but I believe these were made during and shortly after the civil war. (Please let me know if that's not accurate)

          Indian heads, I always love finding these.

          Some rings, silver and gold on the left.

          Here's an old self portrait where I'm making a goofy face as usual.

          This one was done as a texture study.

          I also like to read books about the mafia and criminal psychology which sometimes shows through in my art work, as you see in these last two. Some of you may know who this guy is.

          And this evil bastard.

          Hope you like them, thanks for the kind words everyone!


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            It's your month! Enjoy it. Awesome artwork!


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              Wow Mark!! You've been holding out on me with the art work, you are truly talented, I had no idea!! I've enjoyed the hunts we've shared these last couple years, and I look forward to many more. Congratulations on being honored as August MOTM, you deserve it. I've learned a lot from you and many of the members here on the forum, I'm glad to have run into you that fateful day in Rhode island. I'm sure there will be many more great finds in our future. Congratulations again!!
              Matt, from Massachusetts


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                Right on man! Still a lot of work to be done, I look forward to it! And the learning goes both ways.
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