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  • Earthquake

    Everyone in California let us know you are ok ..
    Tom how are you , Our Tillys Hill everyone !
    I went through the rolling one in 1971?
    Bless all of you and tell us the story .
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    Rhode Island


    • Tam
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      Great Charlie , I loved the pool and the water splashing around . When the Doctor talked about how the land shifted 18 ft . I wonder if a house was there how that is going to be delt with in the future for land survey . Who owns what ?

    • CMD
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      Let's hope the sequence does not include still bigger quakes, Tam.

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    I’ve never experienced a quake, think I’d like to keep it that way Tam....


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      Good post Tam... hope everybodys ok


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        That's way south of me I did not feel the two big ones but my dog jumped in my lap about the time of the 7.1 . I hope that super volcano north of Ridgecrest is not waking up .
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          Ok I was thinking of you South fork glad your ok . Called my GF in mammoth mountain she is fine . I thought it was bad with a 6+ I went through . My brother had to move from the Northridge quake . His condo crumbled .
          When it gets to a 7 I think Japan ..Alaska stuff . Surprised no tsunami but not close enough to the coast . We had a 6+ in Hawaii I can’t get away from those things .


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            Hey Tam,

            Safely out of range in Napa, thankfully.

            It's scary though, knowing our time will come sooner or later.

            Keep some supplies (and your shoes under the bed) and try to put it out of your mind.