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Be safe Florida ( Tom )

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  • Be safe Florida ( Tom )

    With this approaching storm I am thinking of you all in Florida .
    Tom I know you are on the other side of the state but be safe brother . Let us know how you are .
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    Amen ! I pray the storm will turn due north . I hope Tom is on the move, out!


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      Thanks!! This potentially devastating hurricane should have little effect on Tampa Bay the way it's going my disappointment lolol. I was hoping a little more for my beachfront sites. Should be KILLER hunting on the East Coast beaches after this. I hope it just skirts FL offshore and then doesn't hit GA, SC, NC etc etc.... Stay dry.
      Professor Shellman


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        I know a few of my buddies live directly where they say it's going to hit. One of them is a professional yacht sailor, and he's worried about his fleet. Stay safe Florida.
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        Now it looks like a North move . Thinking of you beach guys be safe but your artifact finds could amplify .


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          Lost part of the house in Florence last year as it sat over wilmington NC... This one looks ugly...go to hel l Dorian, or at least out to sea! Really don't feel like loading up all of my sharp pointy rocks into the truck...but if one case goes in...they all do! Not to mention 350 lbs of broken points I cannot live without!!


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            It’s great that this massive (now Cat 5) beast apparently isn’t going to hit South Florida. (Where my rocks reside in storage.) It does feel a bit weird to be happy about Dorian hitting somewhere else.

            Hopefully Dorian keeps making right turns and goes north and then out to sea.