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Wishing everyone happy holidays

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  • Wishing everyone happy holidays

    Hope everyone is well and had a good Thanksgiving. I can't believe 2019 is already drawing to an end. I still enjoy lurking through the posts from time to time to see what everyone has found (or made!), quite impressive. My few little creeks haven't produced much this past year but I still hike them often. I went on another cool road trip to Utah back in September, I'll post some pics in Great Outdoors.

    I've been with the parks department for a little over a year now and I love it and the main park I work at is littered with flakes (which now litter all of our park vehicles) and has produced a few broken points and half of a very nice celt.

    You all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Rick
    Rick, East Central Missouri

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    Happy holidays to you too Rick. Yes 2019 flew bye alright
    SW Connecticut


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      Don't forget to share them finds and pics you know how much we like to see them. Creeks can be bitter sweet some times one time you don't find nothing next time you might find a killer although killers don't come often. Best chance of finding a whole one though. Happy holidays to you as well
      NW Georgia