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Vero Beach Excavation

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  • Vero Beach Excavation

    There is to be an excavation at the controversial Vero Beach site in Florida. It will be led by Dr. James Adovisio. The site was first discovered in 1915. Dig scheduled to start in January, 2014:
    The Old Vero Ice Age Sites Committee(OVIASC) is largely responsible for making this happen. On their webpage you can view a Youtube video of Dr. Adovisio speaking about the upcoming dig and the importance of better understanding Paleo adoptations in coastal regions of NA, since that area has not had due attention. I could not find the video independently at Youtube, but this is a good page to know anyway, and their homepage will go into the info center in a bit.
    Adovisio sees a lot of potential at the site. Apparently the bones of "Vero Man" were lost and development is looming:
    An earlier story about the many extinct fauna found at the site:
    Rhode Island

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    This is also the area where an amateur fossil collector found the fossilized bone with mammoth image lightly engraved upon it.
    Rhode Island