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Very interesting Thesis regarding ourselves/hobby

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  • Very interesting Thesis regarding ourselves/hobby

    This thesis was done by a friend and fellow collector in TX for his degree. This thesis touches on some very special attributes, reasoning, etc, etc. of collectors, the types of collectors, mindset, desires,why take "risks", sometime neglect family and duties, legacy, etc. I would love a discussion on some of the points he makes, especially the TERROR that may happen when one loses their collection or ability to collect because we identify with it so much. All of you will gain some insight that you might not have thought about regarding our hobby, MY hobby.
    It's from Ray Gathright and he said we can share it, so I am. Thought provoking!
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    Tom, I moved this thread into an area that members could comment on, if you want to move it back please feel free.
    Very interesting read into what makes us collect artifacts. As noted you could put this into any collecting.
    Well I guess its confirmed, I am a control freak, with anal retentive qualities, prone to a life of illegal activities, with issues of authoritative establishments. I cave into peer pressure, and defy authority, and can justify digging an arrowhead out of the pavement on a busy interstate, all in the pursuit of educating society, and soliciting new members to carry on this insane practice, while protecting lands I don't own, from others that don't own it either. Condemn anyone that disagrees with what I believe, and alienate all non conforming family members that do not take the interest into the hobby which I obsess over.
    Truly I am terrified, my tombstone wont read, he died rescuing a point from sure obscurity. Without it not being associated as my find for humanity. :dunno:
    Well It don't make me a bad person. :laugh:   
    Thanks Tom! I enjoyed it!
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      Wow, well said Chase! You really summed up my take on the thesis as well.
      Understood that the thesis is about collecting illegally, so that in itself puts a negative on the collectors in that area. Now, what makes a collector and what motivates a collector? I thought the perspectives of the gents he referenced were narrow and biased. To some up an individual's intent, want, need, desire in cut and dried categories always rubs me the wrong way. It is good he has collected and has a connection with collectors and also understands what the mutual benefits to both are.
      "Terror Management" ?
      "Nostalgic Symbolism" ?
      "Deviant" and likened to tattoo collectors? Couldn't pick art collectors?
      "In short, the professional “affinity” is derived from the information that an artifact can provide in context with other artifacts, than with the artifact itself.  Collectors, on the other hand, treasure the artifacts in their own right."
      "The professional community acts as “moral entrepreneurs”, but the collecting community can not?
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        All I want to say is I dont call it a hobby now.