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Paleo Stonehenge in Virginia?

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    painshill wrote:

    Hi Charlie
    I added something to my post which you won't have seen, since I was adding it while you were typing. Have another look!
      Yeah, I run into things like this all the time within the New England Antiquities Research Association(NEARA). Namely, people with very active imaginations, as well as people with little knowledge of certain geological events, meaning, in New England, the most recent glacier and the creation of things like perched rocks, rocking stones, etc. Things that can be explained as the result of erosional processes as the glacier melted are instead interpreted as definitely man made.(not the case with Hranicky's site of course, no glacier that far south) In other words, glacial perched rocks become dolmens in the imagination.
    It is clear now that natives in the Northeast did work with stone, many of our cairns are Native American constructs, and not all are due to field clearing activity. But, people also get carried away and in general there is a lack of discrimination and frequent misinterpretation.
    Rhode Island


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      CliffJ wrote:

      I consider Hranicky to be a personal friend, and a friend of collectors.....but Jack is an imaginative nut.
        Thanks, I was getting that impression myself......
      Rhode Island