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    Just got a text from my brother in Illinois.He told me to check out an article in the Bellville-news Democrat regarding the dig going on in East St.Louis. It is supposed to be a society bigger than that of the Cahokia mounds.Very interesting do to the fact that it was largely made up of immigrants. They have decided it was to large of a population to have happened so fast.With pottery shards from all over.Very interesting read for all...mjm

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    Yes, here is the specific article you mention, mjm....

    And another:

    Yes, Jay, it is very interesting. It must have been it's era's melting pot, so to speak. It reminds me again that there are all these long lost "histories" out there, unknown because they had no writing. A cosmopolitan city, a great people's history. And we can never recreate it to the same degree we can recreate Ancient Greek or Roman, or Egyptian history. We can never pick up a diary from someone living then and read "today we journeyed to Cahokia to pay homage and begin our new life......" An entire people. An entire history. Silent, no voices to cross the ages and connect us. Only archaeology sheds any light at all.
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      Thanks guys for bringing this to our attention. This to me is fascinating and one of the reasons why I continue to be interested in archaeology and associated artifacts. Its the stories they can tell.