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Oldest Homo sapiens Found

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  • Oldest Homo sapiens Found

    Good science is ever self correcting. Almost never safe to assume you have the story straight. Only thing permanent is change.

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    Weren't off by much were they?


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      Thanks Charlie, Very interesting discovery. Some Scientists had previously believed that the date could be around 300,000 years because of stone tools that were found. Finding modern human bones with the tools is a great discovery.

      Edit: That sure is some beautiful lithic material.
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        The stone tools:
        Click image for larger version

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          They don't look much different than what we still find


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            There were two papers in Nature describing this important find. But they are expensive to view. The news section of the Nature website offers a summary:


            And here are the two papers from Nature, which does allow one to view some of the figures from both articles, as well as the abstracts:




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              Hi Charlie. Just noticed this post. Thank you for bringing the article to our attention. It is a fascinating read.


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                You're welcome, Joe. Here are some links to more videos on the find:



                And 5 species of humans living at the same time:


                One question I have when I ponder all these species of human beings. It's not a scientific question, and it's one that I personally ask, only because I happen to believe human beings are "spiritual beings on a human journey"(that's how near death experiencier(NDE) Dannion Brinkley phrased his view of humans, and I tend to agree), and my question is did each species of humans possess a soul? I guess I have a tendency to ask odd questions:-). But the fact that all 5 overlapped in time makes me think things like that, outside of the scientific interest in human evolution. Not trying to start a debate, as religion and politics often lead to argumentation....


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                  Since many NA believed (& many still do) that all living species-- plants, animals, the earth itself-- are interconnected, it would almost be impossible to say one higher species had a soul but the lower did not. In the end we all turn into tiny bits of matter to be redistributed.
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                    Yeah, without launching into a discussion of the never ending variety, you're thinking as I do. I believe consciousness precedes matter anyway, and not the other way around.