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    Holy Cow I've found some great info and reading on this site. I'm pretty sure your have to join but easy and free except for some reports. I also think you can tailor what you receive from them. I only get archaeology. Their site will not let me copy/paste the email for their Weekly Digest.
    The archaeological recovery of the Bowser Road mastodon in Orange County, New York (2013 - 2015) revealed many surprises. In addition to the proboscidean butchery by humans, twenty-one split rib atlatls, and evidence of ritual activity, were found the human-made chop marks on the animal’s heel bone. While these chop marks might be evidence of butchery and disarticulation processes, another possibility arises: Did Clovis hunters hamstring this creature? Using Greek and Roman historian writings, combined with accounts of 18th, 19th, and early 20th century African explorers and big game...
    Midwest North American ceramic archaeology is at a crossroads; on the one side of the spectrum are researchers insisting that the only sufficient approach to artifact analysis is quantitative; on the other are researchers supporting the continuation of qualitative analysis as the main approach to the study of ceramic artifacts. In addition, instinct and inherent skill in ceramic analysis are often cited more often than scientific methods. These two sides seem to become more polarized in their views as the field of archaeology evolves and new generations of students and archaeologists begin...
    We present experimental data examining the energetics and identification of axial bipolar reduction in contexts of lithic miniaturization on milky quartz. These experiments answer two specific questions. First, does bipolar reduction provide any benefits over freehand reduction? Second, can axial bipolar reduction be distinguished from freehand reduction? Our data show that bipolar reduction requires significantly less time to reduce a percentage unit of core mass and to produce a millimeter of cutting edge on milky quartz than freehand reduction. Milky quartz bipolar reduction surpasses...
    Professor Shellman
    Tampa Bay

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    I use it there are a lot of great journals in there.
    TN formerly CT Visit our store


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      Tom, I agree, academia.ed is an excellent resourse. You mention the Bowser Road Site. As you know, Mike Gramly worked that site. As a member of the New England cchapter of his ASAA, I had a chance to hear him speak about those atlatls. In fact, I created a thread about it last year, and Mike talked about it. Mike lives here in Ma, and leads all our chapter meetings. He contributed to the thread as well:

      And here you can see those Mastodon atlatls, as one of our members filmed Mike prior to the meeting:

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        Well worth the time and effort to sign up.
        Also a member. Receive email alerts to new papers published probably weekly. Some great information comes from those who share their papers to this site. There are many papers out there that are very theoretical but I'm guessing it's the pressure to go to press.
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