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Ice patch archeology

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  • Ice patch archeology

    Not sure if this has already been posted about but I just saw a fascinating episode of The Nature of Things called secrets from the ice. You may not be able to watch this episode outside of Canada at this link but here give it a try. If not here are some other links about the same thing.
    Makes me want to take a vacation in the Yukon.

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    Couldn’t watch it, but did read...fascinating stuff. Thanks for sharing.

    now, who’s in for a road trip??😁
    Wandering wherever I can, mostly in Eastern Arkansas, always looking down.


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      Amazing what is being found around the world but a shame it is happening the way it is.
      Searching the fields of NW Indiana and SW Michigan


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        Thanks for the link R O I just finished watching it and I was blown away by what they are finding and the condition of those things is amazing.
        In life there are losers and finders. Which one are you?


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          Hi RO. Thanks very much for providing us this interesting info. I was not able to see the video but read the Adobe file booklet which was well done and provided much interesting information. I imagine there are likely similar sites just west of there in Alaska. In the days I lived and worked in Alaska I often saw caribou concentrating in snowy patches just like the ones described in the booklet. The reason they did that was attributed to trying to get away from the hordes of mosquitoes and biting insects present in these alpine areas. The alpine areas where most of the snow has already gone by mid summer produces much of the food favored by caribou such as lichens, mushrooms and dwarf alpine willow.