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A survey you can take about archaeology surveys and searching for archaeological sites

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  • A survey you can take about archaeology surveys and searching for archaeological sites

    If you are interested:

    From Sean Dunham, Heritage program Manager at U.S. Forest Service

    We are inviting you to participate in a survey about your experience conducting archaeological surveys and/or searching for archaeological sites. We encourage avocational and professional archaeologists to participate. The results will be helpful in understanding how our field experience influences how we approach archaeological surveys.

    This survey includes 32 questions. Twenty eight of the questions fall within the general multiple choice type category and 5 are open ended. Answering the open ended questions is encouraged, but is not required to participate. The survey is anonymous, although there is an option to identify yourself at the end of the survey if you choose to do so. The survey can be completed within 10 to 15 minutes, although your responses to the open ended questions will add to this estimate.

    See link below

    Please respond by January 19 (Friday), 2018.

    Feel free to share to other lists or groups.

    Thanks in advance for participating in this survey!

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      I looked at the survey but stopped after the first question Greg.
      It reminded me of every nightmare survey put out by phone and cable companies as well as government surveys where after completing the survey you get bombarded with emails trying to sell you something.
      If they were to replace the plagiarized inane answers Click image for larger version  Name:	Capture.PNG Views:	1 Size:	216.3 KB ID:	275209
      With real world answers then I would take the survey.
      Example answers to this question in my mind would be.
      #1 I have in the past and continue to do so today.
      #2 I used to do this but not any more.
      #3 I do this occasionally, probably once or twice a year.
      #4 I have not done this however I want to in the future.
      #5 That is something that I have never done and have no plans on doing.
      With choices like these that survey will garner far more interest and also be more representative of real life.
      In life there are losers and finders. Which one are you?


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        If you read on a bit Bruce it offers the opportunity to write responses and comments. I agree it does lack but for someone on that side to reach out to us as well as them to gain a better understanding I figure can't be all bad. Some of the questions or responses didn't particularly apply to my area but I could see that they might in other areas.
        Just something I through out there for those who might find it interesting and or worth their two cents.


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