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True Origin Of Mesoamerican Turquoise

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  • True Origin Of Mesoamerican Turquoise

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    Searching the fields of NW Indiana and SW Michigan

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    Great research


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      Thanks Charlie, We should be skeptical of all claims that lack scientific evidence.
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        Interesting read Greg - I didn't even know there was a controversy over the Turquoise. I agree with Ron - all too often we read something on the internet and assume it's gospel but without documentation It's just someone's opinion. The science, more often than not, takes away the opinion in most cases and it becomes a fact.
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          Spot on Chuck.

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        Great read Greg. Science is really beginning to change a lot of the old school thoughts and theories which had become pretty much the norm. Modern scientific research such as the kind used in the article prove many of them wrong. Cool read. The real story of the ancient Americas is being told and in the next handful of years as younger folks get more involved and have more of a say in it I think we are going to have some amazing answers.
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          I Saw that piece on templo mayor museum, i just spend anh hour contemplative, was muy favorite in museum,
          In chimalli in macahuitl