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    I thought I might revive this thread and maybe put names or faces from previous members of Arrowheadology. It's been off for about a year now. Some migrated to this site more permanently but I do fear we have lost some of the regulars. Still too many dayum special names to keep track of LOLOL. If you were on AH and are on here now would you give a shout?
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      Hi Tom

      As you know, I was, but it's another site I walked away from a while ago and hadn't even realised it was now defunct.

      Just a reminder for folks (I included details of how to do this in our own Information Section when I set it up), it is still possible to access limited amounts of information from the "Wayback Macine" on the "Internet Archive" for defunct sites. Not just arrowheadology, but any defunct site. It's a matter of chance what will be there (if anything) since they use a webcrawler to randomly roam the net and it can only capture certain types of information. Generally it won't enable pictures to be retrieved from libraries, show information provided by widgets or embedded utilities, or show anything for which a password/log-in was required... but the basic text is generally captured for each page that was visited.

      At the link below, the yearly histograms and coloured dates on the individual calendars give you an indication of how much of the site was captured on individual dates. Don't bother looking at 2019 though because only an error message page was captured after the end of 2018.*/http:/...rrowheadology/

      It may help someone to retrieve lost information.
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