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  • Cerutti Mastodon Site/CA article
    Professor Shellman

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    Maybe because I'm amenable to "outside the box" ideas, but I was impressed when I heard Dr. Holen's presentation at a Neara conference a couple years back, as described on page 2 of this older thread:

    Recently, I had a conversation with one of the Cerutti site investigators, regarding a recent paper that claimed the mastodon bones were in fact shattered by heavy construction equipment driving over their burial site prior to any excavation. We both agreed it was obvious that particular paper had not even looked at the original study, which clearly demonstrated the differences in breakage patterns that would result from construction equipment breaking fossilized, i.e., mineralized, bones, and hamnerstones shattering mastodon bones that were not yet fossilized.
    Rhode Island


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      Thanks, as usual, Tom. The academic side of our world rarely gets out to the public, and for the non-affiliated, itโ€™s hard to even find. I enjoy it more than reading about who blew up what or โ€œorange man badโ€ crap in the papers. Thanks again, for keeping us in the loop.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘


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        I've been following this since it first started making news. I'm still highly sceptical of the dates and "stone tools" . Admittedly I'm going only off of what I've read, but some of the tools look like nothing more than unaltered rocks, its on a the coast and a hill where gravity, weather, and large floods could have compromised the strata multiple times over the years, leaves me not convinced considering the extreme dates quoted.


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          Still a stretch.
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