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Neanderthal Birch Bark Tar Adhesive.....

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  • Neanderthal Birch Bark Tar Adhesive.....

    Neanderthals and other early humans produced a tarry glue from birch bark; this was long considered proof of a high level of cognitive and cultural development. Researchers had long believed that birch tar—used by the Neanderthals to make tools—could only be created through a complex process in which the bark had to be heated in the absence of air.

    I disagree that these findings do not indicate a high level of behavioral and cultural "development" in Neanderthals just because scientists have found that the process of making tar adhesive is actually quite simple.
    Professor Shellman
    Tampa Bay

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    Thanks Tom, I have lots of Birch and might try making some glue. The article says nothing about mixing anything with the birch tar. When we make Pine Pitch glue we mix in charcoal and fiber.
    Michigan Yooper
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      I doubt that the folks coming to that conclusion would live over 2 weeks if they were cast back in time about a hundred thousand years.....
      Lubbock County Tx


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        Interesting read. I had heard this process was considered the first "industrial product " ever made by man, even if it's not by modern man. I would think that term still holds true even if it's not as complicated of a procedure to produce.
        Central Ohio


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          Neanderthals were around for a really long time and their DNA is still here. Such success and being dumb as a rock just doesn’t make any sense.



          • Ron Kelley
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            I agree Bryan, The average person has about 2% Neanderthal DNA.

          • Von
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            I believe all modern humans carry quite a bit of archaic DNA. It’s hard to tell how much because people honestly just don’t want to know.