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    This 3D modeling of artifacts just came out today! And allows for 3D viewing of a lot of UNC Chapel Hill's collection of native artifacts! It has many examples of the projectiles, pottery, and hardstone pieces found in North Carolina!
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    North Carolina

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    That's just too cool! Imagine if we could show our finds on this site using that technology. I looked at a Kirk and Simpson on the site. Thanks for sharing the link!
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      Apparently you can upload one per month for free on sketchfab, which is the cloud or parent site. As a member you can upload several per month, but looks expensive to join! I remember Mark Mullins paleo had about a dozen points on his website a few years ago with same 3D technology. I don't know what one would need as far as a camera with 3D. There is a virtual reality tour you can take that I bet requires some sort of technology I'll never have. I can barely use a cell phone myself!

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    It is very cool that you can zoom in on the artifacts, and would be a great way to identify pottery pieces from NC. There are a ton of pots and pieces that have already been identified! Here's a better link to 3D section...
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