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An interesting new study about Cahokia

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  • An interesting new study about Cahokia

    I just read the results of a recently published study about the Mississippian Cahokia site that I thought some of you might find interesting. The following link should get you to it.

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    Wow, did you read the comments below the article ?
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    • sailorjoe
      sailorjoe commented
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      Yes, Amusing to say the least. Not our kind of forum.

    • Lindenmeier-Man
      Lindenmeier-Man commented
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      I think any argument about the NA people is good. They just had no civil discourse...I’m glad for this site

    • TJdave
      TJdave commented
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      Couple of them were good comments, most not so much and some bad manners for sure.

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    Interesting. Basing new data on core samples from the middle of a lake.


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      It's good when the story is based on scientific data rather that old wives tales.
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        Well I'm just jumping in to "sweeten" the discussion.
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        Great article , I live in sight of Cahokia & have been collecting artifacts from the area for 50 years. The abuse those people heaped on each other in the comments really make me appreciate this forum & the job the moderators do here to keep it clean , Thanks , piaget
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        • Cecilia
          Cecilia commented
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          Isn’t that verbal exchange vile? ....Not even clever X-rated name-calling! There may have been a valid point to be made within all that, but it was totally lost in the juvenile garbage. I’m so glad that when I make ignorant comments, or offend someone on this wonderful, civilized forum, no one calls me a - - - - -tard!!!
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        if i had had known about Cahokia when i visited St. Louis, I would have gone. just saw the new drone video they made.......that place was/is incredible!