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Smallwood, Ashley M. (2010) Clovis Biface Technolo

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  • greywolf22
    Nice reports.

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  • Bill
    started a topic Smallwood, Ashley M. (2010) Clovis Biface Technolo

    Smallwood, Ashley M. (2010) Clovis Biface Technolo

    Hey all, I found this really cool, hot off the press dissertation of a PHD candidate who analyzed the Topper site, Clovis level artifacts in South Carolina. It is awesome and there are color photographs of artifacts such as clovis blades, outre passe flakes and much more. Dr. Smallwood really did a great job in every way.
    Oh and guys, scroll down and find her picture then click on the link beside, Ashley M. (2010) Clovis Biface Technology at the Topper site, South Carolina: Evidence for Variation and Technological Flexibility. Journal of Archaeological Science 37:2413-2425.
    Oh yeah, brains, beauty, and Clovis, yeehaawww, sounds like the perfect woman to me! go here and click on the PDF link