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A current take on Bannerstones

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  • A current take on Bannerstones
    This is from 2017, I wonder how her research turned out?

    Searching the fields of Northwest Indiana and Southwestern Michigan

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    To answer my own question here it is: This is a pretty awesome sight
    CMD has a permanent link to this in the information center.

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    Searching the fields of Northwest Indiana and Southwestern Michigan


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      Best photos of bannerstones on the web, I'd say.

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    It’s an interesting topic to discuss. They made mention that the bannerstone disappeared from the archeological record, but the atlatl kept going for another 2000 years. They still may have been used as atlatl weights, but after finally figuring out that they didn’t help the dart throwing process, they quit making them.
    Thats human nature to try to improve things. It doesn’t always work. Look how many gadgets we have tried and thrown away. I think about the deer repellent whistles put on cars for awhile. You don’t see them anymore, but the cars are still going.
    South Dakota


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      Kinda like electronics they keep getting replaced by better and newer ones.

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      Good points.
      I had to grin when you alluded to the deer whistle. I put one on my buddy hunting pack as a joke. Don’t think he ever moved fast enough to test it!

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    I’ve visited both sites in the past. Required reading for anyone wanting a better understanding of bannerstones involving typology and the different theories of uses. Definitely an enigma in the same category as birdstones in my view. A good topic to ponder.
    Uncle Trav- Southwest Michigan