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Clovis in Zacatecas

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  • Clovis in Zacatecas

    Hello all, here is a quick read regarding Clovis found in Mexico you may find interesting if you havent read already.
    Benny / Western Highland Rim / Tennessee

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    There was a Clovis from Chihuahua in the Overstreet Guide in the Desert Southwest section. I have seen a broken one also from Chihuahua


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      What makes that a clovis? Looks more like a dalton to me. But what do I know? Thats why Im asking


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        The Oldest known Clovis site in North America is in Mexico.....El-Fin-del-Mundo. This was a Mastadon kill site that has been radio carbon dated to over 13,000 years. It is located
        in northwest Mexico near the border with New Mexico and Arizona. There are very good web sites regarding this find. Click image for larger version

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          What is very interesting is; the Clovis point I found this summer is a dead ringer for the big one that appears in the hand of the finder. These types of Clovis points were only
          produced during a short time span. One would ask....Why does mine look almost exactly like the one found thousands of miles away? Experts think of course that the Paleo
          peoples moved alot due to migration and following the fauna. They brought their skills and points with them. Click image for larger version

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          • Benji
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            Looks massive.....whats the size on your point

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          A smidgen over 3 1/2 inches [ATTACH=JSON]n605561[/ATTACH]


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            Click image for larger version

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              Thank you....thats a nice point you have man

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            great find