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    Completely out of the blue, a local newspaper reporter contacted me. This staff writer often writes features on people in the community and feel good pieces.
    She said, “More than once, I have heard of a local little boy who has a knack for arrowheads. I learned he has quite the collection and would like to do a feature on him.”
    The boy, who just turned 7, is Nuther One.
    He absolutely loves this forum.
    He told me to tell the woman, “A billion times yes!”
    She asked for me to compile some numbers (which I admittedly love).
    Here we go…
    78 trips
    165 hours
    268 artifacts

    Life Total = 474

    I welcome any feedback. Be it numbers or share if you have ever seen or been part of such a project.

    Much thanks,
    Flint Eastwood
    (fields should be ready to look, fall plow at least, in about a month)
    northwestern Pennsylvania

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    Please give the reporter general ages of the artifacts. Is amazing how many people still think that stuff is 400 years old and shot by a Comanche.

    It's gonna be a great public interest story. Save a few copies for posterity.


    • Flint Eastwood
      Flint Eastwood commented
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      Great tip carguy!

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    I agree with Garguy he will love them when he sees them as an adult.
    TN formerly CT Visit our store


    • Flint Eastwood
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      Thanks. I hope so. I do a fair amount of outdoor writing and have at least a dozen or more published stories that mention my kids. Sure hope they will be treasured most by those I love most.

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    just excellent...


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      Much thanks smbore!
      northwestern Pennsylvania


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        Great chance for him to educate people of ancient peoples.
        SE IA


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          Thanks oldrocks!
          Learn something new everyday.
          northwestern Pennsylvania


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            How wonderful Nuther one, congratulations!!! Maybe you could mention Lithic material and where exotics material may have come. Nuther one we all are proud of you and you expertise in finding super points and tools. Your friend Kim.
            Knowledge is about how and where to find more Knowledge. Snyder County Pa.


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              So cool to see a young person with the bug. Hope he stays with it. I imagine he's going to have a pretty amazing collection by the time he's an adult. Not that it's not already.


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                Kind words!
                much thanks.
                northwestern Pennsylvania