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    There is good reason for the Clovis/Cody cultures having established
    their culture there for as long as they did.
    The area is known as the country of 11000 springs with a vast majority of them great
    sources of minerals.
    Natural areas where water has created vast pools making water redidly
    available durring the driest periods.
    Oh and least we not forget the natural abundance of rock shelter sites.
    Most of the rock shelter sites were not so much inhabited but all around
    the area is prime for habitat area.

    Now most of the better sites are tourist destinations.
    Still though I can see why this area was a place where they could live comfortably.
    Hamilton's Pool and Krauss Springs both near the Gault site.
    Jess B.
    It is a "Rock" when it's on the ground.
    It is a "Specimen" when picked up and taken home.

    ​Jessy B.

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    Great pics Jess. Prehistoric Man must have loved it there.
    Like a drifter I was born to walk alone