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Vampires in Medieval Europe/19th Century America

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  • Vampires in Medieval Europe/19th Century America

    Had to revise my corny, and probably repulsive, subject heading. to a more serious vein. Of course, should have gone in Off the Wall category as well. In any event, this is an interesting archaeological finding, and as well the second link reveals a chapter in New England history that very few Americans are aware of. An obscure corner of American rural folklore. Strange bunch, them Swamp Yankees :dry:

    Rural New Englanders got a tad nutty over the same subject:

    Rhode Island

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    great new england stuff there charlie, the exeter/west greenwich forests are like a second home to me.i think everybody in my area has made the trip to "vampires grave" at some point in their teenage years (myself included!) my mom grew up at the end of plain meeting house rd.last house on the road right before the church and "witches grave" nellie vaughn's cemetary.i used to play there as a kid while my mom worked my grammy would "kinda" watch me. you cant walk a mile thru one of our forests without coming across a few 1700-1800s old cemetarys. many are very small family plots and when you take the time to read the graves and piece the dates together you find many of them died very young and quicky, sometimes more than 2-3 people a week! tuberculosis could erase a whole family within a month, but mostly children and women. i think its because the men spent more time out in the fresh air, while women would care for the sick while watching the kids . if you made it past 35 you were lucky or rich.
    call me Jay, i live in R.I.