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Ancient Sites Destroyed by Stupid Humans

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  • Ancient Sites Destroyed by Stupid Humans

    Humans love to hear about ancient history, but they aren't always that great at preserving it. Here are some of the worst, most thoughtless, and just plain dumbest ways that humans have wrecked their own heritage.

    Rhode Island

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    Destruction, pillage or disregard for the past. This has been done throughout history. I am on the fence for many reasons. What is considered destruction in the present, becomes history in the future. On the other hand willful destruction of history is ignorant. Yet we on society, accept destruction of sites for the betterment of understanding the past. As archeology goes, we at times have completely destroyed sites, yes documented, recorded, an so assumed preserved. yet history has shown that there are rises and falls of all time periods. There is no guarantee that our documentation will stand the test of time. The evolution of man is continual, when deemed acceptable such as in our own nation, destruction weather on private or public lands, has been ever present. To take note of another thread from a fellow member:  This is a prime example of what is considerd acceptable by socity. Here is a catch who is the destructor of this site. In the realm of our professional community, the advocaionalist has done the destruction by removing artifacts out of context. Yet you here little about when a site has been destroyed in the name of progress, with little or no documentation. I am sure of one thing, justification of personal actions will always have an opposing view of whats right and whats wrong.
    So I will go back to my fence, and sit eating popcorn.  Thanks Charlie!!! Really it saddens me to see any history destroyed, But yet I would also be considered a destroyer of history and in some eyes a preserver.
    Just my thoughts!
    Look to the ground for it holds the past!


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      Hey, I hear ya, chase. I think the focus is on things like the Taliban destroying giant ancient statues of Buddha, or the untouched pyramid recently destroyed in Central America so it's building stone could be reused! That's ignorance and willful destruction. Some Islamic fundamentalists in Egypt believe the Great Pyramids must also be destroyed. They want to bomb them into rubble, chase!  Nothing lasts forever, nothing. But we don't have to rush into oblivion. So let's hope Egypt doesn't ever go Taliban because they will destroy the Pyramids if given the opportunity.
      Rhode Island


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        Greed, ideology, need.
        Need, can sometimes be a matter of perspective. With that, perspective being relative to the era. Troy built on top of itself seven times over as well as other old cities throughout the world? Usable bricks to build a house, open fields to plant crops, can be understandable. An Ikea on an ancient tomb in China, a freeway bypass in St. Louis over and through known mound sites? Churches and towns built right on top of known sites?
        Stupid humans? Yep, but for many reasons, often not good ones.
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