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  • Safely Buying Artifacts On Ebay

    So I'm starting to buy pieces on Ebay, and I can already see that it's going to be an addiction for me. Can you guys give me some pointers? I've already ordered a few things and I don't know if they are legit other than thinking they look it. If a seller says they are a member of the A.A.C.A. can they always be trusted?

    So anyhow this is the first piece I received. Does it look to be legit? Said to be found in San Antonio, TX. I paid $28.00. Did I over pay for a point like this?

    I appreciate your help guys, thanks in advance.

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    I don't know about the AACA members but there are more fake "artifacts" on eBay than ever before. Right now there are dozens of Clovis points selling for rediculously low prices than an actual Clovis is worth. Professional photos that have been Photoshopped make the fakes look real. Even authentic artifacts that have been oiled or waxed makes the lithic colors pop. Axes and celts are being turned in sellers' workshops. And don't trust the COAs from just anyone.
    Finding a reputable dealer takes research and even the best of them get bilked from time to time. When it comes to eBay about all I say is buyer beware.
    One or two of the forum members can likely put you on to a dealer that's trustworthy but you'll pay an honest price, not for a knockoff.
    Thats just my two cents worth.
    Child of the tides


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      Lol, ive been addicted for sometime now, although ive slacked off quite a bit lately. There are some great sellers on ebay, and if your careful you can score solid pieces at great prices. But on the downside there are more fakes now than ive ever seen. Ive had my share of bumps and bruises there but ill share a few of my methods for buying artifacts from ebay...
      *Make sure you look at every item the seller offers, if I see one or two obvious red flag items im done with that seller period, that says they don't have good enough judgment to vet fakes or are trying to sell fakes, this is the best way to stay safe, I often watch sellers for a long time before buying anything that way I got a feel for how knowledgeable they are/nt. This way you find some sellers that have a good eye for "authentic" and stick with them, those are usually the good guys and they rarely need to rely on a coa to know something's good .
      *"Dual Coa's" along with the majority of single coas are an immediate red flag, don't even go there its not worth it imo.
      *Make sure the seller offers atleast a 14 day return policy. And if you receive something and it feels bad get a knowledgeable person(s) to look at it quickly so you stay within the return period, don't hesitate or you'll own something bad before you realize it is...
      *I always try to stick with my area and materials I know, that way I can recognize when material doesn't match the area it supposedly came from. Learn what you buy so you know when something is off.
      *Check feedback, many bad sellers have perfect feedback so its not always an indicator but sometimes it helps.
      * If its too good to be true, it probably is. Don't think that because other people are throwing bids at something " it must be good", fools abound on ebay and some people will continue to blindly purchase obvious fakes no matter what.
      *listen to your gut, some sellers are very sly and know how to get people to make impulsive bids or purchases.
      * Don't be shy about talking to pepole and asking questions, you have to play psychologist here but often shady people give good indicators of there character if you know what to look for it can save you some trouble. aaca, collectors associations and all that is great but remember anybody can play up honest ties to cover up bad habits.

      Good luck! Hope this advice will help you out, the more you see the more you learn. Buying is a good way to see stuff you otherwise wouldn't, if you do it enough mistakes can and will happen most likely but hopefully this advice will help you steer clear of those bad buys... Im sure a few others here can offer good advice too.

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      Josh (Ky/Tn collector)


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        Good advice guys and thanks for the responses. So no opinions on the piece I posted?


        • Kyflintguy
          Kyflintguy commented
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          Texas is not my area of knowledge but I see no obvious red flags, price seems reasonable for a point that size ... What is that? a Pernadales?

        • -=METACOM=-
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          It was listed as a Uvalde point.

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        As Josh said and I agree about sticking to artifacts & materials from our own regions. Virginia is too far from Texas to make a call on your purchase. Good luck and happy hunting. It's the best addiction ever.
        Child of the tides


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          I'll just say not all A.A.C.A. can be trusted sellers. Very risky these days.


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            Here is a link to someone selling "Very Fine Authentic Indiana Hornstone Flint Clovis Point Arrowheads Artifacts"
            I notified ebay about 2 weeks ago but the sales of these are still up and still listed the same.
            You got to watch ebay
            What Kyflintguy is spot on.
            Searching the fields of NW Indiana and SW Michigan


            • Havenhunter
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              OH, and ships from India too! The heart of Clovis country! At least no one has bid so far.

            • rock ON.
              rock ON. commented
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              To be fair it does say new at the top of the description as for the authentic part well they are coming from India so they were probably made by Indians.Ha ha ha!

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            Most of the fakes are probably high end Axes, Celts, long lanceolate points and Clovis points. You paid a good fair price for the point that you bought, and points of that grade are probably a pretty safe purchase. Not too many unscrupulous knappers are going to take the time and effort to fake a $25 piece. Do check the eBay feedbacks of the sellers, and if you have bought from a reputable person, stick with him.


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              why not buy on here e-bay is loaded with fakes .Welcome to the Stores Artifacts Sales gallery, the number one website in the world for prehistoric ancient Native American Indian artifacts, relics and arrowheads. We are excited to be able to offer collectors this venue for locating and acquiring guaranteed authentic artifacts for their collections, and we hope your shopping experience here is relaxing and successful. Our stores specialize in the following relics:
              • Arrowheads
              • Axes
              • Celts
              • Bannerstones
              • Birdstones
              • Discoidals
              • Gorgets
              • Pendants
              • Pipes
              • Plummets
              • Pottery and many other specialty items.


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                EBay can be great for buying artifacts...just stick to types you know and area's where they are from .. on the other hand there can be fakes and items that are way overpriced... and senseless bidding on items that are not worth the money they are getting..


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                  Very helpful advice from everyone. I'll stick to my region, I was buying from everywhere and I get what you're saying. I've already bought five or so. I have a very itchy trigger finger.


                  • Havenhunter
                    Havenhunter commented
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                    It's easy to do and most of us have fallen victim to those awesome points we will never find close to home. South Fork made a good point-- shop on this site & develop trusting relationships with a handful of dealers.

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                  Watch for patterns among sellers and authenticators. Many of the biggest dealers in fakes use the same authenticator over and over. Right now you can find Baker COA's accompanying many of the worst offenders.


                  • c_venture
                    c_venture commented
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                    A Pet Peeve of mine is when a point is listed as "No Brainer Authentic"! And I have to disagree with one of the previous comments that only higher end items are being reproduced. I have seen more than I care to admit, or I guess I could say I have purchased more than I care to admit.

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                  As stated above be sure to do your research.
                  I have purchased from the following individual on eBay. Todd is a person that I would recommend doing business with as he is knowledgeable and trustworthy.
                  Follow allpointscovered on eBay. Buying, Selling, Collecting on eBay has never been more exciting!

                  Arrowheads, Authentic Native American Indian artifact sales & services


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                    Todd is a good guy.
                    Searching the fields of NW Indiana and SW Michigan


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                      It's a sad fact that there are at least as many, if not more "fakes" on eBay as authentic artifacts. Another sad fact is there are more crooks issuing fake COA'S than ever before. The crooks that knowingly sell fake artifacts use those guys that paper anything for a buck to add an aura of legitimacy to their bad artifact. This appeals especially to the new collector, thinking that they have just scored the deal of a lifetime, buying a perfect G-10 four inch Clovis with dual or triple papers for $200.00. It is even worse down the line when that same collector realizes that his $10,000 collection is worth 150 bucks.
                      I understand why the crooks do it, I have been watching several of them for quite some time. They make thousands of dollars a week. The crooks that are offering fake COA'S also make thousands a week, so it's not going to stop anytime soon.
                      So what do you do? Well first of all, what you don't do is accuse the crooks by name unless you like spending time and money in court. Don't think these criminals are going to give up without a fight....there is way too much money involved. What you do is this, educate yourself ,this takes time, and at the beginning is frustrating, but soon enough things will start to "click". Second find out who the good guys are.....there are plenty of from the good guys.... no you won't find a 4" Clovis for $200.00 but years down the road you will have a good clean collection. Also find out who issues good COA'S and who issues worthless COA'S. There are a lot of guys on eBay who are just now taking steps to discredit the crook sellers and those that issue fake COA'S.
                      Finally don't get in a all fired hurry,years from now there will still be good artifacts to add to your collection, take your time at the first and build a good will be glad you did.