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Indian scraper from Jefferson Co, Mo

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  • Indian scraper from Jefferson Co, Mo

    Hi everyone. I picked up this piece for $2 at a Antique Mall in St Mary's, Mo. It said from Jefferson county and being a Indian scraper. It has flattened marks on the sides from use and I've added pictures of holding 2 possible ways.
    ​​​​ Can anyone help give me and identity atleast did not waste my money.
    Thank you everyone for any help and reading my post.
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    Now don't get too excited there ScottN, but looking at your 2nd pic it kinda looks like a repurposed arrowhead. That notch just above your thumb and the typical scalloped edge, in your last pic, makes me think along those lines. Your focus is really off and it's hard to see much detail but overall I'd say it was originally a point that had been used and abused to the point that all they could do was use it as a scraper. Just my opinion but let's see what other's have to say. By the way, Welcome Aboard the website. Glad to have ya here.
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      It seems to be a stone modified by man and it could have been a tool used for a scraper and halfed as such. It is larger than many of the scrapers that I see but that does not preclude the possibility that this is what it was used for. I see no evidence that it may have been repurposed from another tool, especially from an arrowhead as previously suggested.