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  • Can anyone advise?

    On someone to contact at the University Of Delaware, as that is local to me, whom may be interested in the "box of rocks" and things I have found that likely contains something that the archaeological department would have interest in. Not gloating, but I have so much that I only choose to keep what I know/believe to be native. The rest I want to pass on say for students to study. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance and sorry if this has been asked, even in general form, as I found in my search.

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    My advice: Pay it forward to some kids that will appreciate it. Even if the university would take a donation, which I doubt, it will end up in boxes or worse.


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      Andy - Thanks for the response but these items are not easy identifiable as NA artifacts yet have the making to be unique in more ways then one. For example the ballast stones that were dumped from the packet wharf boats used back in the 1800's right behind my house. This "box" is more for study of what they may be then handing it off to a kid even if I could get said kid to put down their tech gadget du jour.


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        Bokohut - try looking the University up on the internet and clicking on the appropriate department (Science or Archaeology etc). It will usually yield a name and phone number you can call to discuss your donation or an email that you can send to. I personally went to our local State Park and met with the lead archaeologist on a dig project and discussed their museum with him. I showed him my collection and he was more than interested. I offered him the option to choose what items in my collection he'd like to have for their museum for display. He told me he would definitely like to have at least 2 or 3 items and I was quite sure I knew the ones he was looking as - the oldest in my collection. Anyway - at least some of what I have will benefit our local history.
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          I would like to suggest another option. A local historical society or park might have a small building or office which could display the items.


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            Thanks for the feedback. I will keep these in mind as I visit local museums to offer what I have.