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  • Is this fake?

    I realize this might be better suited for the "fakes" section, but i'm not 100% and nobody seems to post there. I found this seller on eBay a while ago because he was selling pestles discovered at a local site that no longer exists. I reached out to him to try and acquire some of these uncommon items. He was forthcoming, but a little funny to do business with. Offered me a 'lot' for a specific price, but took the deal off the table when I asked for a few hours to consider if I needed the entire lot. I was eager though, and made sure he knew I was interested. That's why it was so odd when he didn't allow me time to consider. Months later, and he's posting new artifacts every week. Some for lots of money.
    The pestles I received from him had unusual odors; one smelled like some kind of organic oil, and the other with the similar oil smell mixed with a really strong burnt/chemical smell. The patina seemed lacking in luster and more likely due to being covered in whatever organic oil i'm smelling. The material doesn't look like the local rocks here, and I seriously doubt their stated origins or whether he didn't in fact make them himself with power tools.
    Months later, i'm seeing a mortar pestle set that looks pretty good. EXCEPT on the bottom dead center, there seems to be a large dimple/indentation. I work with a lot of tools and materials, and to me this is a huge red flag. I don't have to be an expert in stone work to know that could be an attachment point for use with a lathe, and I have a nagging suspicion that's exactly what it is.
    I feel kind of bad calling the guy out, but selling fakes is messed up. The most messed up part is he writes books, and makes a living off of what I highly suspect is his own made up BS.
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    Hard to tell from these pictures. The inside of the bowl should give you some clues.
    South Dakota


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      I’m guessing if he has a lot of these, he could be making them
      South Dakota


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        Where did it come from as a state? Looks like a mortar to me that they find out west. Use to be a site called western artifacts that had a lot of them for sale. The owner passed away and the site shut down the last time I checked
        NW Georgia


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          There was a time in California where pestles like that were cheap, not impossible for someone to have had hundreds of them if they were in the right area within the Acorn zone. I’ve seen pictures of dozens them in flower beds, stories of collectors that didn’t bother to move them when they moved houses, etc.

          That style wasn’t as common elsewhere.
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            Looks good to me nice artifact .


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              Thanks everybody, i guess I'm just wary.