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Central Texas points ??

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  • Central Texas points ??

    About 20 year's ago. My uncle's son gave me this frame of points. & What he thought to be bead's. The rounder stem looking points In the corners of the frame. Are said to have been found in a lake bed lake Brownwood. Brownwood Texas. The points are not like any I have seen or found in West texas. Any info on the style of points or if these are bead's ?. Or something that formed in the lake. would be great. Thanks for looking James.​​​
    The points in the corners are in ?? Central Texas or not Central Texas points?

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    The beads are crinoids fossils but could have been used for beads but really tough to say. and the points look modern to me.
    Look to the ground for it holds the past!


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      Looks like he may have re chipped some broke points and flakes, and like chase said there is some fossils in there also.


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        A few are Tx points , I can’t identify the others. I learned to water ski on Brownwood lake. Stayed at the Flagship hotel there at the lake. We were on a church youth camp at that time...TY for bringing those memories back to me ! The points at the 4,7, and 8 o’clock position are Tx points ... JJ


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          Also the point underneath the 12 o’clock position..

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        Lindenmeier-man you are right about the the points you mentioned. they were found in Howard county Texas I was with him at the time but the rest of them was said to come out of Brownwood lake it was really low at the time but they look odd to me. Thanks all for the info.