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Three related points?

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  • Three related points?

    These three were found by the same person in Rock Island Co. Illinois area. All the same type? The gray one is much thicker and not sure if the gray chert is un heat treated Burlington?


    Chuck Click image for larger version

Name:	71D24AE6-0F02-40B1-8C33-F5414DB06B25.jpeg
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    Nice, I think that material is an Illinois Material. I have found Something similar and R Martin (Previous Hunter/Collecter from The Forum) told Me about It. Anyway I think It could be an Osceola Point or Big Sandy and The other two might be Hemphill, but maybe Those 3 There could all be The same type.


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      Nice looking points. I think the points are all basically from the same cluster of Archaic Sidenotch point. To many collectors pieces with better workmanship indicate earlier pieces, and while that holds true at a high level, I am not sure if it would stand up to research within the same cluster of sidenotch points. Average paleo points tend to be better made than average Archaic points, which in turn tend to be better made that average Woodland points. By that logic the grey piece might be younger than the smallest piece since the flaking and notches aren't quite as even.



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        I’m guessing the first one has a different name. The notch is so very different
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          I’ve always liked the shape of these points. I think I have a couple more smaller ones that are similar, also.


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            Here are the two smaller, similar points. The white one is one of my favorites. The flaking is very fine and the material “glows”.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	9E879228-5E76-40AF-8291-5F2652862FF1.jpeg
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