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    I was thinking about this the other day and decided to ask the experts!
    Was wondering if say for example, a Dalton clan, did they make all different kinds of points related to that time period? Or did he just make Dalton points? Seems there are alot of early archaic types for any given region, but did one NA have the skill set or knowledge to make them all? I also understand that this era covered a thousand years or more.
    I know this is a hypothetical question since there is no written history. Just looking for an educated guess. Thank you!

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    There are a couple Sites that come to mind, Graham Cave and also one in Northeast Arkansas that is supposed to be The oldest Graveyard in U.S. and maybe there is some Information about that with those Sites. I think The Dalton Classic is a Projectile Point but The bigger wider Sloan type like in Your Avatar or Profile Picture would be a Knife. Holland is a type quite similar also.


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      There is a book called "Sloan: A paleoindian graveyard in northeast Arkansas", it might shed some light on your question.
      Stagger Lee/ SE Missouri