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    I purchased these pieces from a gentleman that told me his grandfather had collected some old shell Indian Jewelry that he was selling along with some points. The shell bracelet and ring was found on one site about a mile or so from each other in South Carolina (possibly) and the matching shell earrings (or that’s what he said they are) were found in a different state years later but he doesn’t remember where exactly they were from. He believes it was Arizona but not for sure on that. Any input on these would be appreciated as I have never found any shell artifacts except a button made from a mussel shell. Nothing like these though.

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    If I saw those, and there wasn't any reference to N.C., I would say those are all Anasazi/Hohokam shell pieces, the large middle piece being a shell bracelet. From Arizona, or one of the four corner states, and dating from 800A.D. - 1400 A.D. But the other spirals could also be Mississippian from N.C., but without specific site information, we wouldn't know for sure.


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      I was waiting for that one as I had no idea on the history. They sure are nice pieces of work. Great collectors items also.
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        Nice aquisitions Art. Cool stuff