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a couple grinding stones

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  • a couple grinding stones

    I hope you all had a great fourth. I celebrated it for a whole week adventure riding in the sierras. Got out to some pretty remote places, and had a blast. I found a lot of petrified wood and cool rocks all over the place. Didn't see too much chert or stone that would be really good for flaking. Surprised I didn't see more signs from the N/A's(Maidu). I think that gold mining buried(or moved around) a lot of the physical history. I cant help but think many of the large boulders used to grind acorns that sat adjacent to flows of water were turned over or crushed to exploit the minerals. The hydraulic tailings are so massive that it's hard to imagine any pre-history remaining intact.
    The first, I found on the edge of a pine forest at about 6000'. The second huge one was found eroded out of a road cut. Both were left in-situ found on US forestland.

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    Those are really cool. Nice insutus


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      Sounds like a good adventure but I think those are just normal round rocks I don’t see any cortex altered except for normal wear


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        The Sierras are loaded with cobble I don't see any polish from use . Most of the Manos I find have polish or a flat side .


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