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artifacts glued down on styrofoam

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  • artifacts glued down on styrofoam

    i was lucky enough to be gifted many projectile points recently. Some are in small plastic "snap shut" cases and have been glued onto the Styrofoam in the cases. I want to remove the glue from the artifacts. I am not sure what type of glue was used. They have been stuck for 30+ years. Any suggestions ? I

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    Acetone! Put on Qtip and dab at it until gone. also works well on ink on points.


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      Before you jump to acetone try soaking them in water for 24 hours. It will soften the glue and you can peel it off in most cases. Acetone will cut right through styrofoam but it might make a melted gooey mess too? Acetone should be used in a well ventilated area you sould also use a metal or glass container , Do not pour acetone into plastic or styrofoam containers as acetone will melt through and if indoors eat through and ruin what ever it drips on near by. It is also highly flammable. Be careful , play it safe and try soaking in water first.
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