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Where to authenticate arrowheads?

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  • Where to authenticate arrowheads?

    Hello, I am new to this site my father recently passed away and I inherited his rock collection. He lived in Missouri and loved to go for walks in unknown areas. I live in Michigan and would like to know if anyone knows where I can take them to get authenticated before selling them. I was planning on selling them on Ebay but I figured I'd rather have documentation proving they aren't fake. Also any ideas on cost to authenticate arrowheads? He has arrowheads, stone tools, meteorites, and maybe petrified teeth... I'm not sure. Thank you for reading this and I look forward to hearing from you.

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    Welcome Ty, Sorry to hear about your dad, I can’t provide those services but someone will be along shortly, in the meantime maybe you could think about showing us some of his collection, a nice memorial would be to have other collectors enjoy what he loved, don’t you think?


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      It usually runs about $25 per artifact to authenticate . some authenticators are just crooks and will say yes it is authentic to just about anything. Some are honest. If you chose a bad authenticator it would diminish the value of the artifact. I will not put the names of the bad ones out there there are just too many. Rather the good are guys like Jim Bennett out of Ohio, Jerry Dickey out of Tennessee, Dwain Rogers out of Texas. There are other good guys but not many. You can count the good ones on one hand. They sell opinions. In my opinion the one in you avatar is Modern made of green glass. Probably made from the bottom of a glass bottle or jar. Some guys would do a discount and do 5 for 100 but you really have to be careful who does this for you.

      Another thing is if they are just field grade they are not worth having authenticated. A 3 dollar point with a 25 dollar paper will not sell for 28 dollars. then figure your shipping and insurance to and from the authenticator. Yeah post some photos and we can tell you if you have something worth authenticating but we will not discuss values here. The opinions are too conflicting. A guy who wants Missouri stuff may pay higher than a dealer who just wants inventory. That being said artifacts sell for what ever the buyer is willing to pay for it.

      Post some pics we can let you know what may be worth authenticating and what may be considered field grade. some of us may even be able to spot modern in the mix. If that green glass one was in the group there may be more that are just modern pieces. Lots of old timers collected from fields but have also been known to hunt the flea markets.

      Good luck and welcome to
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        if you wrap each one up real good and send them to me with return shipping i will go through them and let you know what you have no charge. most fakes stand out so if you post some pictures like hoss said you might save yourself some time and money. danny


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          what experience do you have authenticating points? Do you own a scope? what kind? Do you provide this service for a lot of folks that we can ask about your services?

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        I have no experience in the authentication department but this is my go to C.O.A. Click image for larger version  Name:	arrowhead grab.jpg Views:	0 Size:	53.9 KB ID:	454833
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          Perfect place for this post!!! You sir should run for office!! It vote for you
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