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    PaleoSnow....You're right, I have no problem with folks wanting to do some restoration and mark them so, but they would be reproductions after that. They also could fall into peoples hands down
    the road years from now after we are all gone and quite possibly passed for 100% authenic. Some of these restoration folks are pretty darn good.

    SIDE NOTE....Went to the big creek today and........0 But is was nice out and a fun walk, creek looked leaves and the water had moved the rock bars around.


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      Thats right. Just enjoy being able to go. Thats the way i try and look at it. I mean we all have been skunked before. And alot of times, well i do, i have to go exploring new sites and often spend all day and walk many of miles with nothing to show. But doing that is also how ive found my good sites! So theres no bad hunt really. Enjoy being outdoors, the animals u see, birds u hear, the pretty scenery and just ne happy your able to get out and walk that creek. Some day we wont be able to and we need to enjoy every time we get to!

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    Restoring points is perfectly fine if thats what you want to do! I however wouldn't restore an Andice unless it was an unsharpened specimen with a broken ear/tip. Yours has had many reworkings that made the ear fragile or it was broken while being reworked. Nice find btw! JMHO


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      The only person who should alter or restore an artifact is the person who made it thousands of years ago....just my opinion..


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        i like your opinion i mentioned before; we should keep them as found.....they could have been in conflict or put meat on the fire;and
        ended up that way.


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          Before I had ever had a piece restored I had a friend with a massive collection and he had many many restored pieces. When I kicked the idea around with him he said that any museum that you go to will have lots of antiquities that have been restored. They usually mention the restoration. Their purpose is to show what the item would have looked like before being damaged. He said that if it was good enough for museums it was good enough for his collection.


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            I don’t know why this has gone in this long.