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Looking for Advice on Legitimacy of These Arrowheads

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  • Looking for Advice on Legitimacy of These Arrowheads

    Hi all, new forum member here. I am a novice to the world of arrowheads but have always been curious. I have the opportunity to purchase these two sets off of an old collector who seems an honest seller but I'd love to get the advice from some internet strangers! I unfortunately do not have closer up images than these and the glare of the case made photographing a little tricky but do these points look legitimate per their designation labels or are these more modern? If the latter what are the tell-tale signs? And I guess, are these priced fairly at $75 and $187 respectively, or can I find legitimate arrowheads for a fairer price elsewhere?

    I posted on another site and was told that they don't appear modern replicas but there wasn't a consensus on whether the "Saharan Neolithic" designation was correct. Are there telltale differences between Saharan Neolithic versus Native American arrowheads?

    Many thanks in advance.

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    They are legit in my opinion but likely from Africa. Not native American.


    i see now where they are labeled Sahara. They are correct style and materials. I have no doubt they are authentic. That said, there are millions of them in that sand. The price is not way high if you enjoy them but dont expect to make money on them.
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      Yep, those are non-native species! 😬

      IMO not worth the price. But, it all depends on what you like.


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        Id say price is way high. Came across a site selling those a lot cheaper than that.


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          I agree with the others Newbie. A note Modern repros. usually aren't damaged. Not worth that much in my opinion as well. Welcome to Kim from Pa.
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