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What Is The Most Unbelievable or Odd Thing Youve Found While Hunting Artifacts?

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  • What Is The Most Unbelievable or Odd Thing Youve Found While Hunting Artifacts?

    Ok, not sure if I chose the appropriate category for this one but i myself find the most unbelievable, out of place, odd and unusual things sometimes on my hunting trips. I have so many different stories and tales about the things i find and have probably even forgotten some. Id like to think this doesnt only happen to me, so id like to hear everyone else's strangest finds over the years and that way ill know im not alone! I guess if u walk far enough, eventually youll find something crazy. It inevitable id think. Im
    really going to have to dig through the cobwebs up top but im
    pretty sure i have mine picked out, but theres been so many its hard to choose! But lets hear them guys and gals!

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    Back in the 1960's My dad would take us on digs. Every time there my dad would find coins. It was a series of dirt roads on a bluff above the lake . I think he would find coins because it was dirt roads by day but people would park at night snf camp there at times. Back in the 90's I was gifted a metal detector. It was a cheap one from Radio shack. I remembered the place we used to dig and all the coins my dad found a lot of which were silver. So I decided to take a stroll on through the area with the metal detector. I found a gazillion aluminum pull tabs. Then I hit on a strong signal and had to dig about ten inches down. I found a crumpled up piece of foil balled up with trash inside. I carefully opened it , inside was a three muskateers wrapper. I flood of memories came rolling in. Three muskateers was Dad's favorite candy bar. It was buriied by us back in the sixties. LOL It was not the best of finds but the memories generated by the find were fun to have. I didnt find a single coin that day. But I walked away a happy man.
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      I was walking a field along a Bayou and noticed a huge bald eagle land in the top of an old Cypress tree. I walked up to the tree and was looking up watching this majestic bird. I looked down and noticed the tip of a point sticking out of the mud in a washout where the field runs off into the bayou near the base of this old cypress tree. Pulled out this beautiful bullseye Dalton and then noticed something else laying a few feet down the washout almost in the water. Picked it up and it’s a bone that is shaped exactly like the Dalton that I just picked up. I am thinking this is too good to be true but it is in my hands. I am shaking with excitement while I am looking at it. Unbelievable! Well, then someone tells me that’s not a point at all. I couldn’t believe it. Come to find out that this amazing bone “Dalton” was just an old bone that some rodent had chewed up in just the right places to look like a Dalton. It is the one circled on my index finger in the picture. The bullseye Dalton on my pinkie finger is my best Dalton find to date. The other points in the picture I found within 50 yards of each other along the same washout. I have had a few odd and unbelievable finds but this is one of my favorites and yes I still have it in a small display lol.


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        What are the odds, good story

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      Where do I start. I have so many unique finds but this has to be my favorite. It's a rare Steatite Maskette. Oddly enough I found it in the middle of someone else's foot print. Kim

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        I’m still waiting for the tooth ferry to show up. Click image for larger version

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        Southeastern Minnesota’s driftless area


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          I see cow for the most part, a couple horse, some deer including incisors, a muskrat jaw, a raccoon canine...

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        OK guys and gals, Here is something that I found along with 2 points. All 3 items were together. After a bad storm a dead tree was blown over roots and all came out of the ground. As I was checking around it I seen a point. As I was getting it there was another and so I stared to sift through the dirt. 2nd handful I seen something white, and this is what I pulled out. I have only showed a few people this because its such a head scratcher. Its about the size of a tennis ball.


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        Now that is odd. Do you know what it's made out of? K
        Knowledge is about how and where to find more Knowledge. Snyder County Pa.


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        I found this letter and balloons.they were snagged in a barb wire fence. It has a phone number to call if found. I called and had a neat conversation with the Boy Scout that let it free. Its around 600 miles to drive.
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          Crazy. That makes two of us. A friend and i likely 20 years ago were walking a creek in AR and saw a wilted balloon hung in a laydown. There was a note in a ziplock baggie with a number to call which we did the next day. It was an elementary school class who let them loose but I cannot recall how far away it was, yet it was a remarkable distance i thought. Good stuff, i had almost forgot about it until i read your post. Thanks

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        I was walking an old ghost town site . I didn't know what I had found until Rodger fill me in. It's a frozen Charlotte.
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          While out with a Family Member I found a Rock with His Sons name written on It.

          Found a big Camping Knife well over foot long.

          Also I have seen lots of stuff wash up out of bad flash floods that have destroyed Homes Etc. Mostly besides ancient stuff I like the Milk bottles and such.


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            man o man I've found n seen many odd things . tooooo many.


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              While in Country I would sometimes take road back and while exiting Field and woods near road I noticed a Cat laying on Ground and thought that's a shame, turned to leave or grab stick (years ago) and felt something and The Thing was hugging My Ankle! Didnt seem hurt at all and kept Her as Pet.

              Found 10 dollar bill when broke.

              Found a Campsite on gravelbar very disturbed, mostly trash but Things They would have kept also. They were The Party crowd by looks of It! Someone ran Them off apparently so I picked up.

              Always find fishing Stuff.


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                I was screening in Houston Co tx. Pure,acidic sand site beside an ancient spring. I had a wall about 10ft working. I saw an orange stained spot in the sand about 3ft deep. I scooped it up and put it in the screen.

                It contained two suspender buckles, a plain square brass belt buckle, 11 hard plastic buttons later determined from a civil war uniform, a 1851 3 cent piece, two loads of lead shot corroded together, a gun flint, one spring and a bit of chain from a beaver trap , and a large folding knife that was open.

                Always wondered how that story unfolded. This was a site that never had a post contact dwelling.
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                  A mound find meteorite that will be named Tigertail.


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                    Originally posted by Quicksilver View Post
                    A mound find meteorite that will be named Tigertail.
                    Could you tell us more? You had it classified and the Meteoritical Society is assigning a name? Any photos?
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